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About the Exhibit

The “New American Citizens” project was created to raise awareness about the hope and gratitude that refugees possess as they resettle and begin new lives in our community. The women depicted in the exhibit arrived in the United States less than a year ago, in a new land, with a new language, and expecting a new child. The children are the first American citizens in the family and a source of pride and hope for the family. Each of the families consented to participating in this project. For many of them, a professional photo shoot was a new and unique experience. The families were interviewed about their experiences during resettlement, of their acculturation to a new community and their aspirations for the future; some of their quotes accompany the images. Each family received a set of photos to keep. The “Newest American Citizens” project will be shown at gallery spaces around the valley. In December, the portfolio will be on display at the Salt Lake County Government building.

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About the Artist

Stanna Frampton has been photographing the miracle of life for the last ten years. Working primarily in black and white, she hopes to show the essence of motherhood by capturing its wonder and beauty. Stanna makes her subjects feel emotionally comfortable in order to reflect their external physical beauty and project their inner joy, even when they may be feeling tired and unattractive.

Stanna has a BS in Communications from the University of Utah, where her concentration was on photography. Her work has been shown at the Eccles Community Art Center (February 2006), Finch Lane Gallery/Art Barn (November 2004), AVA Art Center in Logan (March 2004) and in OB/GYN offices throughout Salt Lake City. Stanna can be reached at her studio Images by Stanna, which is located at 247 East 900 South in Salt Lake City or by phone at 801.582.4400.

The Artist’s Statement

When I was asked to photograph the New American Citizens for the International Rescue Committee, I could not have been more excited. It was truly an eye opener to photograph refugee women and hear their positive feelings about being in the United States. Every refugee I worked with was thrilled that their baby was granted citizenship, and each one of them hopes to be a U.S. citizen one day. Knowing how difficult their lives are here, I was surprised. But for each family, life seems more meaningful knowing there is hope for the next day. It has been a remarkable experience for me to be able to meet the families, capture their faces and experience their hope for a new life.

stanna frampton - Studio 247, 247 East 900 South SLC UT 84111 - 801.582.4400