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Stanna Frampton Coury has been photographing the miracle of life for over seven years. Working primarily in black and white, she hopes to show the essence of motherhood by capturing the wonder and beauty of pregnancy. Stanna makes her subjects feel emotionally comfortable in order to reflect their external physical beauty and project their inner joy of impending motherhood, even when they may be feeling tired and unattractive. Like pregnancy, the time of a newborn seems fleeting, and Stanna often captures the happiness of that next stage of mothehood as well.

Stanna has a BS in Communications from the University of Utah, where her concentration was on photography. Her work has been show at the Eccles Community Art Center (February 2006), Finch Lane Gallery/Art Barn (November 2004), AVA Art Center in Logan (March 2004) and in OBGYN offices throughout Salt Lake City

Stanna won First Place at the Eccles Art Center's recent Black & White Statewide Competition.

stanna frampton - Studio 247, 247 East 900 South SLC UT 84111 - 801.582.4400